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Artificial Intelligence Ear Trainer

If you're interested in developing your musical ear by several notches, this is one of the very best places in the whole world to do that.

Whenever you do anything to improve your musical skills, you probably want two things above everything:

1. You want to achieve as much progress as possible from every minute that you spend practicing.

2. You want your training to be at least reasonably enjoyable, and not only because all musical activities should be enjoyable, but also because the more you like the training process itself, the faster you will learn.

The A.I. engine that runs this program is designed to do just that.

The exercises are based on a musical question-and-answer system. The "questions" are musical notes, phrases, chords played by the program, and the "answers" are also notes and phrases that you play back. (You can play your answers with the mouse on the screen, or with a MIDI instrument, or even by playing along with your instrument.)

The program analyzes your performance and carefully chooses the questions so that at all times the material is never too easy or too difficult. This ensures that the training is always engaging, always enjoyable, and always highly effective in expanding your musical skills.

Try it for yourself, for free, right now

The free trial version of the AI Ear Trainer is included in the Musician Training Center (version 3) software suite.

Download it now, give it a serious try, and see how your skills start to improve right away...

Here you can download Musician Training Center 3 for Windows or MacOS

I recommend that you read the course guidelines carefully and then start to use the trainer, and give yourself at least a few days of practice, so you can start to see some early results and get a good idea of how much this training tool can do for you if you use it systematically. If you like the results you get and want to go all the way, you can buy AI Ear Trainer Professional here.

Wishing you a lifetime of musical progress and enjoyment,

The Musician Training Center team

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